With hundreds of thousands of different options for supplements now available, you need to know that you are taking products which are safe and be effective. I have hand selected a variety of products which are now available online after careful research and weighing a wide variety of factors. While this is only a handful of the products I typically use, these are ones which you can order directly online now.

In my attempt to only use the best products available, I research a wide variety of different supplements from many different companies. Some of the products which I choose to use come from companies who have stipulations on their Internet accessibility. As a result, some products must be ordered directly through my clinic.

In most cases, clients will be receiving products directly from my office because the products and supplements they need may include Chinese medicinal herbs and/or other products which are only available from my clinic.

All the products available here are products which I prescribed in my clinic every day. These are products that I trust and have clearly demonstrated their effectiveness. Many these are products that I take myself.

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