Quinn's Awesome Stuff

This is salve made by blending of traditional Chinese herbs, grapeseed oil, and bees wax. It is alcohol free and contains no additives, fillers, or artificial ingredients. 

According to Traditional Chinese Medicine, the therapeutic properties of the herbs used will clear "heat" from the "blood", enrich the "blood", promotes blood circulation, eliminates toxicity, moisten dry cracking skin, repair chronic non-healing abrasions, stop itching, and topically clears "damp-heat" from the skin.

Quinn’s Awesome Stuff has been used topically for burns, rashes, minor cuts, blisters, cracking skin, dryness, itching, sores, tissue breakdown, infection, psoriasis, eczema and insect bites.

Apply topically 3-5 times per day or as needed.

“Holy Cow!! Look at my forefinger knuckle! I wash my hands like a 1000x a day so every winter my knuckles get so dry it cracks and starts to bleed. I've been putting neosporin and a bandaid on it for weeks, maybe months. Quinn, I put your Awesome Stuff on it last night before bed OMG!!!! I only regret that I didn't take a picture of how dry it was before. (Plz ignore my horrendous need for a manicure)!”  –Gigi W.

“My son was using it on his area we discussed, and he said it worked great.  I'll be ordering some soon.”  -Kim T.

“So, just to share...took a vaca to Florida to ride mountain bikes. 7 days at 30+ miles a day. Quinn’s Awesome Stuff took care of my saddle sores faster than any chamois cream I have ever used. LOL. Anyway, not a glamorous testimonial, but thought you would find it humorous.” –Julie W.

“Thank-you soooo much for your Awesome Stuff ointment.  My dog had a large gash under his eye.  I applied Awesome Stuff twice in 48 hours...the wound was gone!”  has healed approx. 75%...granulating in and drying out. Amazing...Stuff I would say!!! It also speeds the healing of rashes, cuts, eczema.
Lisa loves your Awesome Stuff!!!
-Lisa W.

I received this input from a Vietnam vet who has had horrible itching and open sore legs since being exposed to agent orange in Vietnam.  For decades his legs have been red, inflamed, with intense itching.  Often his legs would be open, bleeding, and scabbed over due to constant itching.  He has been using “Quinn’s Awesome Stuff” for a few weeks.  Here is the email I got today from him:

“Hi! A quick note.  I was at my doctors for my gout and when he looked at my legs he could not believe how good they looked.  I told him they would be better if I used the salve (Quinn’s Awesome Stuff) more often, but being a man I only put it on when it itches instead of a couple of a times a day.  Note: I am going to try and start doing that.   I now only have a couple of very small open spots and if you remember half my lower legs used to be raw.  This stuff is great.  My doc was interested in if you are ever going to sell to other doctors.  Thanks for fixing my legs.  Thanks for the great stuff.” -Jack M.


 “Hi Quinn! I wanted to say thank you for your awesome stuff! It has really helped out with my hands. They often get really red and itchy and since I started using your stuff the redness has gone down a lot and they are a lot less dry. They do still itch sometimes but I think that's because I haven't been applying it a lot (I only ordered one bottle).”  -Elise S.  

“So I've done a little experiment the past two nights… I have had really large pores on my face since adolescence. Knowing that your awesome stuff draws out dampness and heat, I decided to put it on my face to see what it would do. I applied a thin layer of the salve before bed and both mornings.  I have woken up with my pores drastically smaller and my skin tighter. It's like it literally dried up all of the ick that was on my face.” -Courtney H.

“Quinn, the Awesome stuff is working great on Jacob!  In only 3 days the raw skin on his legs is healed.”  -Connie

“This stuff is amazing ... I love it!  Works wonderful.” -Wendy J.

“I am at my boss's home and I started using the Awesome Stuff ... my boss loves it and just in the two applications today we can tell a big difference .... sorry forgot to take before pictures ... I am amazed at how well it has worked in just a couple of hours!” -Wendy K.

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