Supplements: The Big Problems and the Solution

Quinn Akira Takei, Doctor of Oriental Medicine(NM), Licensed Acupuncturist, Chinese Herbalist, and Holistic Health & Wellness Coach


There so many supplements and natural products available on line, but did you know that the majority of these are complete garbage?  Some are even harmful to your health.  The supplement industry has less regulation than other industries, and as a result, there are so many companies that take advantage of the fact that most people really don't know what makes some natural supplements better than others.  Most don't know the what is the actual active ingredient.  Most don't know what therapeutic dosages they should be taking.  Most don't know what binders, fillers and chemicals are harmful and even hazardous to your health!  As a result, the majority of supplement companies churn out very low quality (if any) and absolutely substandard products.  These companies make pretty packages and make it sound good, but the truth is you are completely wasting your money. 

At the same time, even if you do find a good quality brand online, often you can't be sure of the quality.  Many companies that sell products online have been busted for replacing good quality brands with inferior items.  Yes, it's true, many online supplement resellers are distributing counterfeit items.  It's just like the knock-off Rolex watches and Gucci hand bags you can buy on the back streets of New York City.

The right supplements and quality natural products and have a tremendous impact on improving your health.  However, it is critical that you take quality products.   In the attempt to ensure you have access to trusted high-quality products, I am spent a long time putting together an online store that has ONLY the products I personally use and prescribe to clients. Every item available at my store has been hand-picked by me.  I guarantee these items are clean, free of nasty crap usually found in other products, and most important, actually has the necessary therapeutic values. 

If you are going to do supplements (and in most cases, I recommend you do), then please either really know exactly what you are looking for and learn how to determine which supplements are good, bad and down right ugly, OR allow me to help you guide you to only the best products available.  Please take advantage of this online resource and don't waste your money on inferior, weak, and even harmful products.

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