Shennanigans!!!--- Wal-Mart, GNC, Target, and Walgreens and Most Vitamins and Supplements

The truth behind most supplements.

Shennanigans!!!--- Wal-Mart, GNC, Target, and Walgreens and Most Vitamins and Supplements

Please don’t waste your money by cheap crappy supplements!  Supplements are not regulated, and as a result there are TONS of companies producing complete garbage.  I feel supplements are very important and can be essential in restoring and maintain health…BUT it has be quality supplements that actually work. 

Last month, four of the biggest national retailers of supplements (GNC, Target, Walgreens and Wal-Mart) were busted for selling totally bogus worthless supplements!  These companies were issued cease-and-desist letter from the New York State attorney general’s office demanding them to immediately stop selling a variety of their supplements.  This letter points out that the store-brand supplements have, “Contamination, substitution and falsely labeling herbal products constitute deceptive business practices and, more importantly, present considerable health risks for consumers.”  To make matters worse, many of the products contained ingredients of common allergens that were completely omitted on the ingredients labeling.

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Most consumers don’t know what makes a supplement good or not.  Most don’t know the therapeutic doses they need.  Most don’t know when products contain fillers and harmful ingredients…  And these companies know it.  As a result they are selling you worthless junk.

Bottom line, don’t by cheap low quality supplements.  Really, you might as well not buy anything than waste your money on ineffective and potentially even harmful supplements.  If you want supplements, allow me to partner with you to ensure you are not taking worthless and harmful products.  I do a great amount of research for each product I recommend.  I am confident that the supplements I have are effective, free of harmful ingredients, bio-available, and recommend the therapeutic dosages you actually need. 

Supplements ARE important.  They can play a key role in restoring and protecting your health.  If you are going to use supplements, then use ones that will actually work.