12/15- Legislative Action is Under Way To Prevent GMO Labeling and Be Blatantly Deceptive.

Quinn Takei, Holistic Health & Wellness Coach, Doctor of Oriental Medicine(nm), Chinese Herbologist, Licensed Acupuncturist



As of 12/15- Legislative Action is NOW Under Way To Prevent GMO Labeling and Be Blatantly Deceptive.

Still not pissed?    Then keep reading…


Actions are being taken to restrict our knowledge of the food we are eating! 

Right now there is a bill which has been introduced by Mike Pompeo (R-Kansas) which has passed the house and is now waiting to be voted on by the Senate.

The bill is ironically and deceptively called The Safe and Accurate Food Labeling Act of 2015 (HR1599)  https://www.congress.gov/bill/114th-congress/house-bill/1599

Well this bill sounds great doesn’t it!  I sure would like “safe and accurate food labeling”!!!  Yet, if you actually read the bill it will do the exact opposite.  Here are a few highlights of the bill:

  • “The bill would prevent FDA from requiring the labeling of bioengineered foods”
  • “Dairy products from animals fed bioengineered foods and foods developed using bioengineered processing aids or enzymes could still be labelled as non-bioengineered.”
  • “The bill would also prevent states from issuing their own food labeling requirements for bioengineered foods.”



Read the full bill for yourself here.



Well, for a bill that restricts information from being passed and then is blatantly deceptive about what “foods” are bioengineered, this sure doesn’t seem to do a good job at being “safe and accurate”.  

Why can’t we simply know what is in our food?  Why?  Why?! Why?!?

Why is our right to knowledge and information on what we eat deliberating trying to be restricted?  Why?  

This is a battle for information so we, as consumers, can make a choice.  Do we have a right to know what is in our food?   This bill says NO! 

And by the way, not surprisingly, Mike Pompeo who introduced the bill, has received tens of thousands in donations from the same companies producing bioengineered foods. 



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