Functional Lab Testing

In the attempt to treat you as comprehensively and holistically as possible, I will review the previous laboratory work which you have accessible. In many cases, I have found the typical conventional Western medicine laboratory test findings leave many unanswered questions and simply fails to acknowledge or recognize some very significant imbalances given rise to pathology and ailments.

As a result, in some cases, additional lab work may be necessary to detect and understand internal imbalances which conventional laboratory testing fails to identify. The following are a few tests which may provide a wealth of information necessary becoming in maintaining your health.

Each of these test kits can be sent to you where you can collect the samples required in the privacy of your own home. Some of these samples may require a small finger stick and a few drops of blood, a stool sample, or a few vials of saliva. Clear and easy instructions will be included. Once the testing is complete, simply place the samples in the pre-paid packaging included and drop in the mail.

Food Allergy Testing

this very simple and easy to do test provide you with a wealth of information on how foods may be adversely influencing you. This test measures 96 of the most commonly eaten foods and displays the severity IgG antibody production to these foods. Food allergies are very prevalent and have the ability to affect the body adversely in so many different ways. For many of my clients this is a key step in recovery. It is virtually impossible to heal your system when you are continuously exposing yourself to an allergen.

G.I. Function Testing

this stool and saliva tests can provide a great amount of information to really understand exactly what is happening inside your digestive tract. Through this test we can understand if there is inflammation in your small or large intestine, the pH level, if there is a presence of pathogenic bacteria, if there is an overgrowth of yeast or Candida, the overall intestinal immune function, adequate pancreatic enzymes, the presence of parasites, and much more.

Adrenal Stress Index

this saliva test will show exactly what is happening with the output of stress hormones throughout the day. Out of balance stress hormones can play a key role in weight gain, difficulty losing weight, insomnia, reproductive functions, lack of energy, and many more symptoms understanding these hormonal fluctuations will aid me in creating herbal formulas and/or nutritional supplement recommendations for your specific needs.

Hormonal Testing

Salivary hormonal testing can provide a wealth of information on the excesses or deficiencies of a wide variety of hormones. This may be a valuable tool in understanding a wide variety of ailments and balances.